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●I came abroad as a private too▓ter — Tony Mannering, his father was▓ an M.P., wanted an excuse to▓ tr

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avel.They said he had to have● a tooter.He wanted to go i●nto the Navy.That’s how I fetched up here.I ●s

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aw at once it was nice and free-and-easy● here.Got a job right off with the Vice Squa●d under Nimrod Pasha

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    .And here I am, dea●r boy.And no complaints do you see Looking fr●om east to west over this fertile ●Delta what do I see Mile upon mile o▓f angelic little black bottoms●.’ The Egyptian Government, with the▓ typical generous quixo

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    try the Levant lavish▓es on any foreigner who shows a little▓ warmth and friendliness, had offere▓d him a means to live on in Alexandria.It i●s said that after his appointm▓ent to the Vice Squad vice assumed such ala●rming proport


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ions that it was● found necessary to up-grade and transfer him; ▓but he himself always maintaine

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d that● his transfer to the routine C.I●.D.branch of the police had been a deserv●ed promotion

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— and I for my ▓part have never had the courage to tease him ●on the subject.His work is not on

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erous.Fo●r a couple of hours every morn●ing he works in a ramshackle office in t▓he upper quarter of the town, with the ▓fleas jumping out of the rotten woo●dwork of

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his old-fashioned d●esk.He lunches modestly at ▓the Lutetia and, funds permitti

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    ng, buys hims▓elf an apple and a bottle of brandy for his● evening meal there.The long fierce● summer afternoons are spent in▓ sleep, in turning over the newspapers ●which h

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    e borrows from a friendly Greek news▓vendor.(As he reads the pulse ●in the top of his skull beats softly.) Ripeness▓ is all.The furnishing of his little roo●m suggests a high

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    ly eclectic spirit; t●he few objects which adorn the anchorite’s ▓life have a severely personal flavour, as i▓f together they composed the pe●rsonality of their owner.Th●at

  • is why Clea’s portrait giv●es such a feeling of completeness▓, for she has worked into the b●ackground the whole sum of the● old

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  • man’s possessions.The▓ shabby little crucifix on t▓he wall behind the bed, for exa●mple; it is some years since Scobie accepted t

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